4 Month Old Constipated And Has Hard Stools. How Can I Help Her?


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Constipation is mostly caused in babies that are bottle fed. Since your baby is four months old, I suppose you have started with the semi solids. This can also cause constipation. Whatever the case you can try the following tips:
- Massage your baby's tummy by starting at the belly button and moving outwards in circles in clockwise direction
- Move her legs in a cycling motion.
- Give her a bath and apply some vaseline outside the anus area.
- Give her extra fluids especially water.
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Constipation in children is usually due to lack of fiber in diet. Your 4 months old child drinks milk and milk lacks fiber. Now at the age of 4 months, start giving him some solid food which contain fibers like mashed banana, different cereals etc.
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MSDAZZED, I raised 2 kids myself and I would give them about a teaspoon of kero syrup mixed in their milk and that always worked. Sometimes you have to listen to grandma, etc cause the old remedies DO work! Good luck!

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