What Is The Origin Of Hump Day? Why Do We Call Wednesday Hump Day? When Did This Phenom Begin?


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I was recently told the term "hump day" began at DuPont Chemical in the 60's. Roy Mann coined the phrase at the water cooler one morning and it caught on with the guys. It seemingly spread from there.  I cannot verify this claim, and if anyone can please throw a post up here.
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In fact, I may have started this phrase at Allied Clothiers in 1962 when I first came to Kansas City, went to B.O.P. The next year. By the way, I am Frank Berry!

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It has to do with getting over the hump. Monday and Tuesday are in the beginning of the week and Thursday and Friday are at the end. Wednesday is in the middle and it's all "down hill" from there. It is not a phenomenon.
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Thank you. So this is work week related? We don't care @ Sat. Or Sun? I basically knew that, I'm still curious when we first started hearing this phrase?
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I invented the phrase "hump day" in 1963 when I worked at the General Motors Assembly Plant (B.O.P.) on Kindleberger Road in Kansas City, Kansas. Some of my co-workers picked up on the phrase and it ran from there.

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