Has Anyone Experienced Domestic Discipline?


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I am 23. My husband John is 37. I was a 16 year old brat from a religious family when I married John seven years ago. My father spanked me in front of John a few weeks before our wedding. I never thought about that continuing into my marriage, but I threw a little fit on the third day of our honeymoon. I'm 4'11" and weigh just over 100 pounds. John is 5'9" and weighs twice what I do. About a minute into my fit I found myself across his lap with him using a hairbrush on my bared bottom. He spanked me til I cried (which didn't take long) and then he spanked me for another minute or two. Then he stood me up and put me in a corner in our hotel room for about five minutes - nose to the wall. I stood there with my bottom glowing - mad, embarrassed, and confused. He eventually called me back over to where he was sitting on the bed and talked to me for a few minutes (and acted like the fact that I was bottomless was irrelevant). He asked if I was going to throw any more tantrums. I said no. He asked if I was sorry. I said yes. Then we made the best love of our honeymoon.

We've never negotiated any kind of arrangement. I suspect that would compromise his authority. I know the sorts of things that will get me spanked. I try to avoid them. But for seven years now it's happened about twice a month. And I've come to realize that John looks for reasons to spank me. Life is good. I love John. So I live with the "domestic discipline."
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I have experienced it both ways. I have spanked girlfriends, and with others have been on the receiving end. I seem to need corporal punishment to be fairly severe, recently my girlfriend broke a wooden paddle on my rear. Being caned and paddled has done wonders for dieting and fighting the urge to procrastinate, and so I accept it, even though I am sore for days afterwards. I am sort of proud of my capacity to accept her discipline, but it is also a sexual event.... And worthwhile for that reason too.
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Is here any adult daughter, say over 25 yo, still on the receiving end (by father or mother) and willing to share -maybe privately- her own experience?
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My wife runs the house. If I am naughty she spanks ms. Spankings are always on my bare bottom. Usually I lay across her lap. Her favorite instrument is the paddle followed by the hair brush. Three times she has taken me to the family room where I have to take my pants down and bend over the back of the couch. Then she whips me with the strap. Her rules are simple and she is not mean. She does not yell or nag either. I see how my friends are nagged and brow beaten. A loving wife who does not yell or nag is a lot better. Just follow a few simple rules or get a spanking.

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