What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Ever Faced?


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For myself, the biggest challenge has been the problems and issues I face continually from being a convicted felon. I have had to accept the fact that society doesn't understand this 'MARK' on a person's record. I have so many things I cannot do, cannot have or just plain am prohibited from doing because of these convictions, (I have 4). Not only have I completely turned my life around, and gained the trust and respect from my children and family, which are all wonderful positive things, but I have also had to accept the negative repercussions that I placed upon myself as a result of my poor choices in my past. It affects me almost weekly in one way or another and when people find out that I have been in prison (released in December 2003) they sometimes have a very jaded view of the person I am. So, being able to walk with my head up and remember that by staying positive and having patience, whatever I desire is achievable. I can't change others thoughts or views about my past. But I can continue to be the best mother, sister, daughter, friend and woman on a daily basis, knowing that I am doing the right things in my life, making better choices for myself and helping those whom I am given the opportunity to help, however I am able to. There are positive lessons to be learned from all our negative challenges and endeavors. But ONLY if we choose to listen, learn and open our minds and hearts to see things in that way. GOOD LUCK, DON'T GIVE UP and BE POSITIVE!!
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getting through boot camp, in the Navy!
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You have learned to make the right decisions, and you like yourself for it. Sounds like you trust yourself now, and you have the gift that others trust you too. YOu sound like you've always been a good person, you just took the wrong turn a few times, and now you are back in the right direction. As humans, we all take the wrong track at times, some of us are forgiven by loved ones, some of us are on a wrong legal track, whatever, the important thing is YOU know what makes life good.
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My biggest challenge I've faced is raising 4 children and having one with spina bifida. The worst part is facing each day and realizing that my husband is not going to return to help me with them, and then going to bed each night and feeling the lonely space where he used to lay.
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Answering such questions on blurtit ...
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The biggest challenge I faced was getting in top 10 law schools in India ...
And I succeeded...

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