Can You Define Social/emotional Development?


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Emotional refers to the attainment of emotional capabilities and their expansion as the child grows. These capabilities enable the children to have feelings about what they do and also about others. Emotional development provides children the capabilities and skills that they need to function and survive in the society as well as the world. There are many different stages in the development of a child’s emotions and at each stage; the child learns a new kind of emotion like sense of achievement, feeling loved or wanted.

Social refers to the development of interaction with the human world around, including relationships with others and also the social skills we need to fit into our culture or society
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Social development is when a child learns to be confident around other children and also adults.
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This is not your typical textbook response but I do hope it leaves you thinking:

1.  The factors which promote happiness

2.  The quality of leadership for the home to the public social institutions which carry religion, science and persons who weave thought into materials of production

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