Can You Describe Your Attitude Toward Child Rearing And Child Guidance?


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I believe that thee is a moral obligation to teach a child right from wrong and respect for others and their belongings.   I believe that you must love the child and the child's welfare must come before your own.   I believe a child should be taught personal responsibility for one's self so as an adult he will have the desire to care for himself and his family in a   responsible manner.   I believe a child must be taught the true value of an education and encouraged to go to college.   I believe a child should be told of the dangers of associating with the wrong type people - the future criminals of the world and those people who would destroy your ambition and bring you down to their level.   I believe a child should hear the words, "I love you" daily and maybe several times a day.   I believe a child should not be belittled or put-down but praised and raised up and given hope and encouragement.   That is what I believe.

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