Could I Get HIV From Having Oral Sex With A Man If I Had A Sore Throat?


3 Answers

Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
No I don't think there is any relation of your sore throat with the HIV. You know the man doesn't have HIV so you can't get it. Also your test is negative. It's just you have bad throat and it needs proper care and treatment.
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Anonymous answered
No, it wouldn't have been negative for the simple fact that swollen tonsils and a color change of your throat are symptoms to hiv.....
Rob Brabant Profile
Rob Brabant answered
The problem was the guy I was with WAS HIV Positive, and I read that bodily fluid can enter through sores and cuts in the mouth, and I am concerned that I may have had a sore throat during the encounter. The HIV test was performed under the "1 month" mark and may not be accurate...

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