My Lazy Son Doesn't Work, Can I Kick Him Out Of My Home?


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I  think it must be a disappointment to you as a dad of a lazy boy.before you go to blame the son for his laziness,look  back into the past as you have been raising this boy,did teach him what it means to be a man.Men are doers,we are created to be generous and great and above all godly.have you time to teach your soon these core values that make us men.maybe you failed to help him become a man which was you might have neglected you responsibility as the first teacher  and handed this to the school teacher  and the the television  and peers to teach him all these things,but in all its never too late to save  your son from wasting away  due to his manship is handed  down from the father to his son.teach him all you know  by getting involved in his life.get to know what he whats and affirm and compliment him for a task well done. since am a christian ,I believe then in prayer,if ever remember to pray ,intercede for him before God to intervene in his life.we can talk More if you want free  more help other wise I wish you well. Be a man that your son  must be proud of.(256751914528)
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If hes 18..yes..21 yes..if hes younger than he will have to emancipate himself which means once he signs the papers he will be considered his own adult responsible for himself....hope this helps..I basically emancipated myself at 15..havent benn with my parents since..
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Sit down and have a talk with him about survival, inform him no one is going to care for him and supply his needs and you are not always going to be here for him, so he may as well start and show him the door and seal it with a kiss...the best to you
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If he's at least 18 yes. My question is why is he lazy? If he is 18 then what have you been doing for the past 18 years that has taught him that's OK. Have you done anything to teach him that he needs to work for what he wants? I've been working my entire life. Even before my first "real" job when I was 13. My parents provided for my needs. And the things I wanted and was willing to work for they helped enough to make it possible. But for the most part I have always worked for and bought the things that I wanted, and as an adult the things I need. I've done that because I learned at an early age that being lazy isn't OK.
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You need a restraining order, do it today, otherwise your the lazy one.
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If you really want to. It isn't advisable. If you have split up from a partner, kick them out and threaten to send them to live with them. Or, threaten them with going to live with a family member that they hate.
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Hahahaha sorry I just loved the way you asked the question! :) I'd say yeah whip his ass lol :) JS

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