What Causes Guilt?


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The Holy Spirit is convicting you. If you have unconfessed sin, this can cause guilt. If your heart is clear, sometimes Satan will try to make you feel guilty even though your sins have been forgiven. I went through a serious depression mostly caused by some extremely serious decisions I had made long before I became a Christian. Someone pointed out to me that I had already asked forgiveness for my past and that God does not remind us of these sins. He has promised to not hold them against us once we have asked for forgiveness. Therefore the only one who was trying to trip me up was Satan. After I realized that, then I was able to move forward knowing that Jesus had forgiven me. Does this help? I hope it didn't seem too preachy. I just wanted you to know about my experience with guilt.
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That would be your conscience
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When you have sinned in a moment of madness or without knowing and later you realised what you did was wrong
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Sin. It is written: "for whatsoever is not of is sin" and "he that knows to do right and yet does it not, unto him is it counted as sin." Sin causes guilt.

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