I'm Giving A Joint Bridal Shower For 2 Brides In My Office. How Do I Word The Invitation?


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The bridal shower is a very important part of a wedding in many cultures around the world. It is the best way to indulge the bride and pamper her. The latest trend in the bridal shower is to organize a theme party. There are a number of unique and fun themes available with a number of online and offline resources and after choosing one, you can apply your own innovativeness to it, before inviting your guests. Below is one sample of a bridal shower invitation. You may add some words to it.

Dear ______,

Please join us for a Bridal Shower organized to felicitate ______ and ______, our lovely staff members, on ______. The venue is: ______.
Do try and be there by ______. The theme for the bridal shower is ______.
Please confirm your presence with ______.

The bridal shower invitations need to spell out the adopted theme and in this case, since you plan to honor two of your colleagues, you could organize two separate themes that gel, like 'Chip and Dale' or 'Snow White and Rose Red'. It is essential to urge your guests to get back to you their acceptance of the invitation because it will help you to better prepare for the catering and return gifts.

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