What Are Some Bridal Shower Quiz Questions?


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There's nothing more fun than a quiz, and a bridal shower is a great opportunity to get together and test everyone's knowledge about the bride-to-be.

The key to a good bridal shower quiz is how well you, the quiz-master, know the bride and her guests!

Bridal shower quiz questions Picking questions for a quiz can be tricky. You don't want to have too many obscure questions that no-one will know, as everyone will get bored pretty quickly if you do that.

On the other hand, having really obvious questions is no fun either.

In my opinion, the best approach is to have a combination of different questions. Include some like, 'what's the bride's best feature?' or, 'when did you first meet the bride?'.

This type of question is open-ended - there are no right or wrong answers, but they're great for encouraging people to share anecdotes which can lead to lots of giggling!

Fun questions to ask at a bridal shower
No bridal shower would be complete without a bit of cheeky naughtiness. So you may want to include a few questions about the bride's sex life.

Just be careful not to over-do it! You should be able to judge where to draw the line by how well you know the bride.

Guessing bra-cup sizes is something I assume most women do for a laugh, and a few questions about the groom should be thrown in for good measure.

If your quiz starts going a bit pear-shaped, there's always the option of popping open some champagne, getting drunk, and playing spin-the-bottle!

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