How Can I Reverse Guardianship Of Minor?


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I am looking to become gurardian/co guardian over my grandmother who is 94 years old.  My mother is not exactly the best choice for this as she states I'm old and have health issues as well.  She has picked the nursing home my grandmother is currently in and I'm concerned as well as other family members forGrandmother's. Health and well being.  The facility has been under investigation by the State and Federal authorities.  My mother states that I can take over guardianship along with my grandfather and make decisions but refuses to move my grandmother for some reason.  Am I able to apply for co guardianship once current guardianship expires or can I challenge current guardianship in court? Time is of the essence
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Petition the courts and then prove to the Judge a good reason why he should overturn the first ruling
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My sister gave me temporary leagl guardianship of her two boys 2 years ago and she is now taking me to court and trying to take them back. The temporary legal guardianship was set up between the both of us by just typing up a paper and her signing it. In your expierience what is the chabce of the judge giving them back to her?

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