Can I Wear A Champagne Silk Dress To A Wedding?


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Sophie Carroll answered

I got married in a silk dress, and all my guests at the wedding thought I was wearing a nightgown. It was weird.

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Sergio Jemas answered

I don't see any problem with wearing a quality Silk Nighties instead of a wedding dress. Especially if you bought this nightgown on this site. There are simply gorgeous options that are absolutely no different than silk wedding dresses. For example, I chose a long silk shirt for only 160 euros for my fiancee. I only saw lower prices at a flea market, but they don't sell the same quality things there. 

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Jazzy Gate answered
It depends. Are you the one getting married? Or are you just going? If your getting married, you could wear a champange colored silk dress, but the traditional color for the bride is all white. If you are just attending the wedding ceremony, it would be best to follow the desired colors that the bride and groom have selected for their color theme. But if one isn't provided, then there shouldn't be a problem.
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ilove cloth answered
Of course ,I have a friend once attend the wedding she wears the same color wedding dress with you just do it .

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