Color To Go With Cream Trouser Suit For A Wedding Please?


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Joan answered
I am working under the assumption that you are a lady. If you want something that is going to be drop dead, eye catching, try a gold blouse or gold scarf with your cream color suit. A royal blue (not navy or pale blue) would look stunning as well. I would prefer the gold myself but you must go with what is more your personality. If you go with the blue, wear pearls. If you go with the gold blouse, wear gold and diamond jewelry, if you have them...cubic zirconia are a really good fake as is Austrian crystals.
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natalie johnson answered
If you are looking for a jacket for a man, I would go with navy blue. That's a very common look that appears respectful.
Now if it's a whole suite, I would go for a light blue, powder blue, light lavender, very light pink.
You can put almost anything with it and it'll look good. You may want to choose a color that matches your date's outfit.
I hope that helps.

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