Is Marriage Necessary To Go Through The Activities Of Life?


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God Almighty has created and designed this entire world through a specific system, which cannot be denied and ignored at any stage of life. If we don't act or behave according to the will of Allah, we can't lead a true and successful life. Your question that is marriage necessary to go through the activities of life can be answered in these terms.
Marriage is one of the activities imposed by God Almighty. A married person remains involved in his house, wife, children and other relations. He is very well aware that he will have to work hard to cope up his responsibilities in a nice manner. He also knows that he will have to take care the needs and demands of these relations as well. To achieve all these things he works, remains busy and involved round the clock. On the other hand the unmarried person has nothing to do with these responsibilities and he remains free. But his life has no goal and purpose and he bears a great deal of boredom. So we can say to lead a good and balanced life marriage is necessary to go through activities of life.
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No, it is not. My uncle is not married. He lives a normal life and is quite wealthy.
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Referring to the first post, if marriage is so important in the eyes of Allah, why is Allah not married?
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Allah Almighty creates all males and female. Male and female ever attract to each other, not only in humane but also in animals. Marriage is necessary to avoid different kinds of sins. Without marriage no one can live a complete life. As like the food is need of our body, marriage is also necessary.
Two individual can do marriage for love for family, for desire or for sexual attraction. What ever their purpose, love and care involve in it. It is important to be able to differentiate between infatuation, sexual attraction and the love that involves sharing and caring. Marriage is one of the serious affairs. Both the individual should share love care and emotions.
Marriage is life time commitment and both people try to fulfil it but involvement and sincerity is necessary for it. Both the persons can then live a complete and successful life.
In every religion marriage is a necessary activity of life. No person can pass a life with full of emotions and desires. In any stage of life he or she wants any body who give him/her care and attention. No relation lives all the life. But the relation of husband and wife is the relation that keeps from death.
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There are two views, yes and no. There are benefits involved in both ways of living, but one tends to be viewed as more selfish. First let's say, you don't get married. Your mate is never in the picture to make life's decisions for you. If you die without a will, your family members over the age of 21 will determine how to seperate your estate. However, if you see yourself needing to leave this relationship for one reason or another, it is much easier. Plus there is no joint debt obligations and what you do with your credit will not affect the other. So there are a lot of pros and cons to think about.
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Yes , it is very necessary. Apart from getting company from the one you get married to, you also get blessings from God as it is one His commands. So it is good and what am urging you to do is that don't hesitate if some one approach you.
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If Allah wanted everyone to marry, then why did nt he marry?
I have read the Quran, but never found any reference of Allah getting married to anyone.
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Because allah is not like us .he is greater than us because he created this universe which no living thing can do.he love us thats why he want us to live a happy life

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