What Kind Of Resources Does A Family Provide For A Person?


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Family is one of the most precious assets of a person's life that are granted to him/ her by nature. The presence of family in a person's life is eminently crucial to the psychological and physical nurturing of a person. Moreover a family has a very significant role in determining the lifestyle of an individual, the way he lives, talks, eats, interacts etc. In other words, family is critical to the way a person develops emotionally as well as psychologically.

The resources that a family provides for a person are of two types. The first type is that of a tangible nature, which are more precisely termed as economic resources. These resources contain basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing and also things like monetary support, educational backing and other possessions. The second type is one of an intangible nature and is called emotional resources. These resources comprise of love, support, empathy, companionship and also guidance and cognisance in certain situations.
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Family plays an important role in moulding the persons life. Resources like teaching good human ethics, morals, education food and shelter
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A family is the most beautiful lines of bonds, which connects together people of different ages and generations. A family is basically a small circle of people living together under the same roof. Having a family is the greatest blessing; someone who doesn't have a family is unblessed with this great aspect of life. Life is just more beautiful when you have people you know loves you and care for you.

The family has a huge impact on one's life. It affects one's life in various ways, when you're sad you can talk to your mother about it. If you need an advice, your father can help you out with it. And then you have your siblings with whom you can share your secrets. A family helps a person to groom himself in a more natural and a mature way. It helps one to think more like a well groomed person with principles and a man of his rights.

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