How To Have A Perfect Life?


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Perfect life is often a big problem for most of the peoples in this modern era, but I can say its so easy to have a perfect life with help of moderation and controlling some of our desires. Most of the people had less income and want to be like those who are rich by family. And their income level doesn't full fill their desires, needs and wants. One have to keep his needs and wants according to his status.

One has to work hard for his career and status, when one attain that position and his income level increases. Most of the peoples control his needs and wants according to income. Then all this becomes good.

As to my knowledge moderation in life made it easy and perfect, when one don't have to look to those more rich than him, and to look at the condition of other, then he will realize that his life is much better than him. And he must have to thanks to GOD for his present condition. When he satisfies on his present status and more work hard and full fill his needs and wants accordingly, the life by self will be moderate. That's the main way to have a perfect life and keep him self in moderation.
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Before talking about how to have a perfect life, we have to understand what constitutes a perfect life? The perception may be different for different people. Some may think a perfect life to be with lots of money and all possible creature comforts.

Others may see a perfect life to be something that involves peace and happiness and cohabitation with the perfect partner, the woman or man of the person's dreams. However, no matter what we try, we always find problems in life. Perfection is not about too much money or other such things. You will still have problems in life, money or no money.

The basic truth is that perfection is a state of mind. A mind in equanimity is one that can enable a person to experience the perfect life. The first step to a perfect life is the understanding and realization that problems, unhappiness, and misery are a part of life.

That basic understanding gives us the fortitude to take these eventualities as a part of routine occurrences that one faces in life, and not as some gigantic obstacle that fate or any such higher being has thrown onto our path. Such an understanding helps us inculcate the tendencies of tolerance, patience, and satisfaction. Armed with these ingredients, we can move on towards what one may call the 'perfect life'.
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Hi, I agree with what one talked above,actually we can not have a perfect life even we are rich as we have always the problems that let us solve it each time,but the experiences and comprehension guide us to be happy and to be healthy in our life,because health is the most important even we are wealthy.
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Learn from your mistakes and learn from others mistakes, and never repeat the same mistake in your life again.That's how you can become perfect!

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