How Much Does It Cost To Have A Test Tube Baby?


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The average cost to have a test tube baby, vitro fertilization, is $12,000 per cycle. However, not all attempts at vitro fertilization will be successful on the first cycle and the respective cost will reflect the number of attempts the fertilization takes. It can take two or three cycles for vitro fertilization to be a success and the amount of money this involves is often too much for some couples. The success of vitro fertilization depends greatly on the age of the woman whose eggs are being used. Women who are over 40 only have a 13 per cent success rate, women aged under 36 have a 37 per cent success rate while women aged between 36 and 39 have a 28 per cent success rate.

The steps involved in vitro fertilization begin with the eggs from the women being induced and harvested. The woman is given drugs that stimulate the production of extra eggs. The eggs are then screened for any chromosomal irregularities. Then the sperm and the egg are brought together for insemination in a Petri dish and hopefully become fertilized. Finally the fertilized embryo is then inserted into the woman's uterus to mature as normal.

There are still risks involved with IVF treatment. Miscarriage can occur at an equal rate to that during unassisted pregnancies and there is still a chance that an ectopic pregnancy will occur. In very rare cases women have suffered severe side effects, even fatal ones, to the egg stimulation drugs. Couples are advised to consider all of the costs and risks involved with vitro fertilization before beginning their attempts to have a test tube baby. Even couples who have decided to try IVF treatment will have to undergo a number of tests and screenings to make sure that it is a suitable conception method for them.
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The Cost For Test Tube Baby is about 2500 dollars.
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I had a baby 8 years back and I had an operation(for not conceiving ) when my baby was 11 months.
But now I made my mind to have a baby.Is it possible?If possible how?

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