How Can I Make Money By Sending Sexy Pictures Of Myself?


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There are dozens of ways to get started making money by sending in sexy pictures of oneself. Research into the subject has shown that auctions are a good way to start.

There are also many sites which pay individuals for nude or partially nude photos and afterwards place them on their areas for members only. Some are looking for a particular look, while others are more general.

Most of them actually pay quite well, with some paying up to $200 (£124) for a few topless photos, while others will pay the same amount for a whole session of photos being taken.

It is certainly advisable to do some research of one's own and see what is most suited to personal preferences. One should also ensure that any potential customers are reasonably reputable - getting involved with the wrong type of people could easily turn into a slippery slope.

It should also be noted that nobody should legally accept pictures from minors - under 16s are a big no-no and anyone prepared to accept pictures without proof of age should be handled with great caution.

Families should be given some consideration. Are parents likely to see these pictures, and how will they feel about it? How will a partner feel? Are religious beliefs within the family likely to cause eruptions?

Whether this is an idea to pay off debts, saving for the holiday of a lifetime or paying for school fees, it is someting anyone can do, as long as they don't have a problem showing off their bodies.

In general, it is easy enough to find potential customers and make some good money, often better than working  in a boring part-time job with a miserable boss.

It really is a simple matter of finding some potential buyers and trying one's luck
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You can't...Porn is FREE to everyone who wants it. If you legitimately want to earn money doing it...then send pictures to a legitimate organization. Then see IF they think your good enough to be paid.
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If sexy IS NOT a porn thing, than you can just make your own sexy photos as much as you want and sell them all through a photo stock sites like: Fotolia, dreamstime, 123rf, shutterstock, istock, etc.

So many of them are able to accept your photos for selling and sent you the commission. Hence, you can sell a single photo to multiple sites, which may result in multiple income sources.

You can take picture for 1,000's photos just in a day, right?! So, it's pretty easy job to do. Do it once and sell it multiple time automatically via those sites.

Good luck.


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