What Does Homophobic Mean?


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Homophobic is the word used to describe someone who has homophobia. Homophobia is basically the irrational fear or revulsion due to, or bias against homosexuality as a practice or against individuals who are homosexuals. It can also refer to loathing, antagonism, or condemnation of homosexual persons, sexual mannerisms, or related cultures and is usually used to imply prejudice. The term homophobic literal means someone who is biased against homosexual individuals.

The term, if used to refer to someone as biased against homosexual persons, can be viewed as a derogatory term, and the recognition of a collective or individual as homophobic is always debatable.

The word homophobia is derived from the Latin word 'homo; meaning man, adjoined with the Greek word 'phobia' meaning fear.
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Fearing or hating homosexuals
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It is etymologically wrong to combine homo and phobia to make a word. The resulting combination means fear of man. That's not the meaning that gays wish to convey.

Fear of or aversion to homosexuals is different than a fear or hatred of men.

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Homophobia means a man who has a fear that others think he is homosexual,this is the original meaning but the homosexuals have changed it to suit their agenda.

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