Why Does It Feel Like A Razor Blade Is Scraping My Insides When I Have Sex?


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There are a number of reasons why you might feel sharp 'razor blade' pains during sex.

First of all, rest assured that there is probably nothing majorly wrong with you - around 50% of women experience pain during sex at some point.

Unfortunately, not all of them seek the proper medical attention because they are embarrassed.

Why does it hurt when I have sex?
If you're feeling sharp pain during sex, one likely cause is an ovarian cyst.

This is a fluid-filled growth (a lot like a blister) and it affects almost 1 in every 3 women.

How to treat an ovarian cyst
If an ovarian cyst is the cause, your best bet is to visit a doctor.

You'll probably have an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis - but usually cysts go away by themselves after a month or two.

Until they disappear, you can take a medication like ibuprofen, and I'd also suggest that, next time you have sex, you try a sexual position where you have control over the angle and depth at which your man's penis enters you.

There are a number of other conditions that might cause pain during sex (everything from thrush to tears in the vaginal wall), so I'd really recommend you book yourself in to see a gynecologist so you don't suffer in silence any more!

One particularly nasty condition that is associated with painful intercourse is cervical erosion - a disease that can be a sign of cervical cancer!
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Or you just maybe had thrush - a normal yet very painful infection. Don't let people tell you it's an STD, as they clearly know nothing.

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