What Is The Difference Between Empathy And Sympathy?


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Robyn Rothman answered
Empathy is being aware of, sensitive to, or understanding the feelings, experiences, or thoughts of other people without actually experiencing the same event and then being able to communicate those feelings to others. Having had the same or a similar experience at some time enhances the ability to empathize with others.

Sympathy is having the kind of relationship with somebody in which something affecting one party will have a similar affect on the other.

Showing empathy for another is being able to know what the other person is feeling or going through even though you are not sharing the source of those feelings or emtions at the that time. When someone suffers a loss. You can undestand their feelings without suffering that loss. You empathize with them.

Showing sympathy for another would allow you to share feelings with others. When a friend cries, you cry. Your brother's anger at someone makes you angry at the same person. You sympathize.
JAY DAVID answered
Empathy is to be tolerant with understanding, while Sympathy is to be considerate to show pity.
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Empathy means that you understand and relate to the persons experience. Sympathy means that you recognize the sorrow that a person is feeling. You feel sorry that a person is enduring some grief.
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Empathy means having a kind heart and being nice to people. Sympathy means feeling sorry for someone

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