How Do You Soothe A Baby's Earaches?


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There are several remedies for getting rid of earaches. Many of them are very simple and can be done at home itself. The most common reason for earaches is the trapped moisture in the inner part of the ear or due to small cuts in the ear canal. One simple method is to take some baby oil and place it in a container of lukewarm water and let it remain so until the oil also gets warmed up. Now put a drop or two of this oil into the ear of the baby.

Another remedy is to put a drop or two of warm garlic oil into the ear of the baby. You can do this even if the baby is not suffering from earache because it would clear and clean the ear. An effective way of dealing with ear ache is to grind the leaves of the holy basil and put drops of the extracted juice into the ear.
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They have homeopathic ear ache drops made by Hylands that work very well on my 10 month oldand they don't stink like garlic or basil.I'm not sure you should put baby oil in your child's ears either.

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