When Do Babies Get Teeth?


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Babies can be born with teeth already erupted from the gums, although it's very rare. Often these teeth fall out very early or do not develop properly. They should still be cleaned gently as soon as they appear.

Most babies get their first tooth at about six months old. Usually it's one of the bottom very front teeth, shortly joined by the other bottom very front tooth. There are guidelines to tell you what order to expect teeth to appear in. Unfortunately, your baby hasn't read the guidelines and their teeth may well come in a different order; this is rarely a problem.

Some babies don't get their first tooth until amost 18 months, but most babies have all their incisors (flat teeth) by then. First molars (one each corner of the mouth) appear (typically) between 12 and 24 months. 2nd molars come in between 2 and 3 years.

Baby teeth start falling out, to be replaced by adult teeth, age 5-7. 3rd molars come in at the same age; it may be a shock to have a grumpy "teething" 7 year old in your house. The baby teeth keep falling out to be replaced by permanent teeth, until the early teens.

The last permanent molars, the "wisdom teeth" typically erupt between age 16 and 24.
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Babies usually start teething around 5-6 months, but it varies. Some babies are born with "teeth" but it is rare.
The first two teeth are usually the bottom front teeth, known as central incisors. Weeks later the four top teeth usually push through. After that the two teeth (lower lateral incisors), one on each side of the two bottom teeth will appear.
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Sometimes they start a soon as 4mons .
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My daughter is 18 months. She has 8 teeth on the bottom, but only 6 on the top. She is missing the teeth on either side of top two teeth. The k-9s are almost in on the top but they seem really slow coming in. Her molars are all already in. It doesn't look there is very much room for them to come in anyways. Should I be worried?
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They should start around 6 or 7 months
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Most babies get their first tooth at around 6 months, but your child's chompers may appear as early as 3 months.

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