How Long Should A Baby Have A Bottle For?


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There are no set rules for when to stop a child from bottle feeding. Some children use a bottle way past their first birthday and some even have use for it up to two years old. But it is always better to wean a baby off his bottle earlier then later as eventually he/she may develop an attachment to it and this happens when they are around seven months old. You should be gentle when trying to wean a child off the bottle; getting him to use a cup or glass more often is a more positive way to go about it. Forcing a child may only aggravate him unnecessarily and if it becomes too much of an issue you can postpone the entire procedure. The important thing is to be gentle.
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You should take the bottle away at 1-2 years old . Because the bottle can mess up your baby teeth.
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There's no hard and fast rule for how long a baby should be bottlefed but it's not usual for a baby to have a bottleafter the age of two.
If the baby is having real problems coming off the bottle and is a little bit older and can understand things to a degree you can try a few tricks here.
If the child is approaching the later age scale you can try telling little stories. Perhaps you can explain that there are other little children who need a bottle and say that you can send it to them or you can leave it out for the birds? These ploys have worked for people I know. They've prented to swop the bottle for a nice present and had no further problems!
For smaller children it's more problematic but forcing a baby off a bottle isn't the way to do things and is distressing for both baby and parents. Once a baby is used to a cup, it's usually only at night the bottle feed can be a problem. Instead when they are old enough try a lot of cuddles and a lot of praise when the little one uses a cup but don't worry about the bottle if the baby still wants one by the time they are one.
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A baby is taking a bottle at age three

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