How Much Bottle Or Breastmilk Should A Baby Drink Each Day?


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You cannot spoil a baby. The person above who stated "an infant will quickly become spoiled if you feed him or her every time he or she cries" is completely wrong. Crying is a baby's last tactic, if they are crying because they are hungry, then you have already missed all the other cues they have tried to give you. Based on my experience, a breastfeed baby, up until age 6 months or so, will feed every 2.5 - 4 hours and will consume between 2 and 5 ounces of milk at each feeding.
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The best thing to do with breastfed babies is to let them have free access to the breast. A young contented breastfed baby will mostly have big feeds inbetween naps and bouts of looking around at the world. You can tell that enough is going in by how much is going out. Breastmilk is very efficiently digested so there won't be a lot of dirty nappies after the first few weeks, but there should be many many wet nappies from when the baby is about 2-4 days old. A well-fed baby will regain their birth weight by 7 days old, this is another sign that they are feeding well. Your midwife should be on hand to confirm that the baby is bright and feeding well.

There are guidelines for bottle-fed babies. Most will need between 2 and 2.5 ounces of bottle milk per pound in bottle weight, per day. So a 10 lb baby would be expected to down 20-25 ounces of bottle milk per day. This rule of thumb holds until the baby is well established on solids (normally after 6 months).
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This depends on the age of the baby. If the breast feeding is successful and if you should perhaps go to the bottle. It will vary off and on as to the babies appetite and their little growth spurts. When those happen it seems that all the little people want to do is eat and sleep. Just don't force them to continue drinking if they act like they are done. After all, wouldnt you hate it if someone did that to you when you were done eating...and they kept shoving more food in your mouth?????
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Ive been told that they eat about 2.5 times their body weight
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After feeding him, if hes quiet, then he should be full.My answer may not be accurate because this is only according to my common sense and I have never researched in that area. I am 15-.-
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My three month old drinks an ounce a day.
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It all depends on how old the baby is. If the baby is newborn to 3 month on a bottle I would say every 3 to4 hours, but don't force it the baby will let you now when he or she is hungry, brest feed babies that age can range any ware between every hour to every 3 hours. But that all depends on the baby. Babys that are 5 months to 9month can consume any were between 3 to 5 bottles a day and if brest feed they tend to need it any were from 2 hours to every 4 hours
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A baby cries when he is hungry, of course. Simply try feeding him once every 3 hours (or more, depending on his age). Just remember this - an infant will quickly become spoiled if you feed him or her every time he or she cries.

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