How Much Water Should A 3 Month Old Baby Drink?


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Don't over do it but try to give it a ounce or two each day,they way they will get use to drinking water but you have to be very careful because water is much thinner than milk and they can easily strangle, if you are breast feeding your breast milk should supply the water content, you need to drink water and plenty of it, the best to you
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It depends. Are you breast feeding/breast pumping? Or feeding formula? The baby should be getting enough fluids and stay hydrated from either. Though if you live in a dry arid area supplementing sips of water from a bottle would be recommended throughout the day. But regular feeding is usually enough. The baby will tell you when it needs something in their own way.
good luck! And congrats.

savor this time you have and take lots of pictures because they grow up way too fast.

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