Where Can We Hear The Loudest Ever Fart?


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Taylor Edgar answered claim to have a video of the loudest ever fart, executed on TV by what looks like a sumo wrestler. The audience gathered round the TV set seem to think it's pretty gross, but it sounds to me more like a road drill than anything that might emanate from a human rear end. But then I wouldn't claim to be an expert in the field.

YouTube lists an amazing 140 videos tagged with loud fart, which is the loudest is difficult to tell from a video. You would really need to take a more scientific approach and use proper sound measuring equipment to validate who has the loudest fart on the planet. Can't see the Guiness Book of Records queuing up to adjudicate on that record in a hurry.

But maybe the best places to hear the loudest fart is to visit a zoo and hang around the elephant enclosure, you're bound to hear a few whoppers there.

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