If A Child Is Filed As A Runaway In The State Of Texas, Can The Parent Be Charged For His/her Truancies?


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IF the child is 17 years of age can the parent be charge with truancy
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What if the child is 17 years old but still going to school but ran away from home do I still need to report that to the police
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The Texas law considers runaways and truants both to be status offences. In the case of a runaway parents are required to contact the police and fill a report on your child as a runaway. Police will then find the child and return the child to his/her home or take any other appropriate action. As the parent you would be in noncompliance with both the runaway law and truancy law, until you have contacted the police and filed a report.

If you have received a subpoena to come to court, then you must appear with a lawyer or one will be appointed for you.
If, you attempt to notify your child, he/she is to also appear in court with an attorney and the child does not show the judge will order the child picked up.

Failure to appear can cause the judge to fine both you and your child for noncompliance to the subpoena. If, you attempt to have your child present and he/she is not present, then you probably will not be fined if you appear.

If you go to the website You will find a copy of the Texas Truancy Laws.
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If a child is a runaway is the child Truant?

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