How Do You Improve Brain Power? Tips And Tricks?


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You need to exercise your brain by making it think out the solutions to problem which really will tax you. Simply reading will increase your knowledge but not necessarily increase your brain power. Linking thought chains together to help you remember things and make it easier for memory recall. For example consider the following list:

Winston Churchill

If you try and remember this list whilst studying it for three minutes you will potentially only remember 2 or 3 listings and chances are you will remember Winston Churchill as he stands out from the rest.

Now try making a story about the list (even if it's a bit crazy!), for example "the ball bounced into the house and Winston Churchill kicked it to the cow, that was eating a plant near the dog which ran in front of the bus. The bus driver was wearing a special coat.."

Get the idea?
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Our brain power depends upon the strength and the way of using our nuerons..So 1) keep them fresh and don't dump them with unnecesary matters
2) Picture memory is more powerful in human brain than any other kind of try to remember every thing you should in a pictorial form..after all it's not a difficult process for the most creative machine in the world- "the human brain"
3) Whenever your emotion rises, brain will try to nuetralize it with a hormone namely 'Cortisone' which was a very key hormone for memory. So to keep up the healthy levels of hormone you should control your emotions.
Hope they'll help you..all the best..!
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To increase brain power, increasing your concentration through meditation is important.
Recollecting the incidents throughout the day then for the week, and so on increasing the brain power.

Solving puzzles and reading and then recollecting what you have read also helps.
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To increase brain power and only trick is to read and read and read then your brain power will surely increase.
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At first try to concentrin what you r study.Read pataintly if can not understand try more and more at last you can understand.

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