Why Do Farts Smell Worse In The Bath? If You Do Fart In The Bath, Does It Make Your Skin Smell?


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Nice question - well, maybe not.

Detecting a smell involves a chemical reaction between a gas you breath into your nose and the smell sensors in your nose. As is normal in chemistry, reactions occur faster at higher temperatures than at lower ones. Farting in the bath expels the gas through hot water, instead of into the normal cool air. The gas warms up. so when you breath some in, it reacts faster and you notice it quickly, But also more of the gas will react with more sensors, so the experience is, shall we say, more intense ;)

Finally, you are normally smelling nice pleasant perfumes present in the bath soap, and suddenly you smell something different. So you exagerate the difference and it seems worse to you. So it could be mainly psychological.

Did you know that H2S, which causes the rotten egg smell, is more poisonous that hydrogen cyanide? Isn't it lucky there is very very little of it present farts!
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this answer is very good but I have never notice extraction of gas in the bath smelling worse than when you are not bathing,and I have always equated this to the soap etc. you use when bathing helps to defuse the odor...peace
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Actually, I have found that this is true even when taking a shower. And not necessarily a hot shower either (my showers are usually warm). I am not certain, but I'd think it has to do with the extra hydrogen that's in the water combining with the hydrogen in your gas(fart). And like someone already mentioned, the temperature of the gas from your body is warm. And the warm water which contains hydrogen causes an effect like two hot gases combining together. Not to mention there's also sulfur in your gas.  And no, it does not cause your skin to smell, as it is the gas (fart) that has the odor--not the water.
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I don't know about all the scientific equations but i bet if you fart in your hand and make a fist right when you feel the heat and keep your hand closed until you reach your nose. The next question will be a little different. Happy testing!

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I imagine the more bubbles you make in the tub has a lot to do with the tlme frame also.
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I don't think so...

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That's because the bathroom is small and it concentrates all of your fart in a small volume of air.  No, you won't pick up the scent of your fart on your skin.

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