Can A Male-to-female Transvestite Ever Really Pass As A Generic Female?


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I assume you mean, someone who just dresses as a woman without surgery? (otherwise s/he would be a transsexual.) Well, in that case it would presumably be impossible to pass as a woman once one was undressed... but if you mean, while walking down the street, in casual conversation etc, then this has happened many times; and even closer contact, short of actual sex, has been managed.

Of course, it would work better if the man was quite feminine looking to start with (the example of 2003 reality TV show "Something About Miriam", where a group of men competed for the favour of a woman who turned out to be a man, is perhaps an extreme one since Miriam is a "transwoman", a biological male who has never really seemed or felt male at all.) But it should be noted that when the very macho actors Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were preparing for their drag act in "Some LIke It Hot," they tried it out on some passing women, not one of whom suspected them.
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With certain assets can.

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First of all , you need to be more specific when you answer it !  I male can pass as a woman walking down the street with a feminine body , walk , and the mannerisms . I have the body of  a genetic girl , 44-30-41 being 5'10'' makes my legs look longer and shapelier especially when wearing heels . I have met a few transsexuals that I thought to be genetic girls ! They had gone thru their transition before puberty which gave them all the feminine characteristics , from body ,facial and voice , all feminine !
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If the sperm of the male is weak in quality it will be weak in fertilizing the egg in the female, making the female to over take the place of the male, which will make it pass as a Generic Female...

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