I just heard from Dragonfly. They are okay! ☺ Gotta make this a question so... how's your day going? Anything new happening? Lol!


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That's good to know that you're all okay, my mom and brothers are in Southern California also, anyway my day is going great, took the Mustang to the carwash now it's all sparkly and pretty.

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Good to know... Thank you

Just finished cleaning up from lunch. Now it’s movie time.

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Glad to hear that Dragonfly is doing good . My day is going pretty good been dealing with a bit of insomnia at bedtime so trying to figure what's going on with that now . I was doing so good with sleeping but for the past 2 nights i am up seeing one night it was 2:30 in morning and last night was like 1:30 in morning so who knows . LOL

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Just going not waiting for anybody.

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Glad to hear Dragonfly is good! It must nerve wracking dealing with aftershocks.

My weekend has been busy. Had unexpected company. My friend came down to for her grandbaby's first birthday and found out her son-in-law took their dog to the pound after she told them she would take the dog. She went and rescued the dog. She and the dog are both staying with us until Monday. The dog, Duke, is really a sweetheart. However he has a wandering soul and a Houdini mind. He has escaped twice.

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Oh my!!! 😅😅 how funny is that! They really do have different personalities don't they? My daughter's dog Cookie likes to dance with her, gnaw on her arm (trying to break Cookie of that one) but she DON'T bark! I have never seen a dog that don't bark before. And we know she can cuz she barked once in puppy training and barked one more time at someone who made a remark and made my daughter cry! She is protective over Trinity! Lol! 😊
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Thanks for the update.

I have been quite busy during these
past few days and the weekend was very tiring as well. I wanted to complete all
my household chores and rest a bit on Sunday but since I had so many things to
do, that did not happen. Today, I am sleepy and cranky, according to my

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