What Age Should A Child Be Completely Potty Trained , Cousins Having Problems With Her 4 1/2 Years Old Daughter Having Up To 6 Accidents A Day Or More , She Did Suffer From Some Trauma In The Past Fall Of 2018, Thanks For The Help?


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I would think between 2 and 2 and a half. Maybe she should speak to her child’s Dr. 4 and a half is way to old to be having accidents.

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Excellent background information on the issue:




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I am concerned about you saying she had some trauma in the fall of last year. Traumas in a young child can definitely cause bed wetting and or accidents ESPECIALLY if it was sexual abuse! This baby needs a doctor big time if that is the case! If there wasn't a trauma then yes, for girls they tend to be potty trained usually by 3. For boys it's a little later.

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Agree with the consensus of 2 to 3 at the most. A doctor visit is definitely in order. I was still having trouble with overnight at 3 and my mom took me to the doctor. It seems I have underdeveloped nerves letting me know I need to go until I REALLY have to go. I had to learn to take potty breaks whenever possible and not wait for my bladder to get full. Something I have to continue to do.

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While most people agree that a child is usually trained by
the age of three, there are a lot of exceptions. That is why we should never
compare kids. They are all different from one another. However, I understand
your concern. Since you said she went through some trauma in the past, it would
be best to visit a doctor or a psychiatrist.

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