My dear friends... I know you always worry about your California friends and these crazy fires. Please know we are safe but one is too close for comfort for the Yin and Yang family. May I ask for your prayers or well wishes for these fires to be contained?


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I live in Coto de Caza; the Holy Fire is burning only about 6 miles from our house!

I'm hoping they get contained as quickly as possible.

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Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
Cameron! I feel like a fool! I am so sorry. We ARE talking about the same fire! That is crazy! Are you okay?
hey cameron
hey cameron commented
Thanks guys--the good news is the fire seems to be moving away from where I live, the bad news is that it's now moving toward communities in Riverside County.

Even worse, the fire was apparently started by an arsonist who bragged about it in a text message.
Yin And Yang
Yin And Yang commented
You are correct. What's even worse then that is the arsonist was upset with his neighbors (threatened them like Cameron said) BUT made his house fire retardant! So HIS house still stands while all of his neighbors houses went up in flames!
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Of all the major man made and natural calamities I fear fire the worst. My prayers go out to each and everyone facing such a diaster.

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Yin you know Iā€™m thinking and saying a prayer for all of you.



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Consider it done Yin. You need not even ask.

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Skip Gentry answered

Yin! Prayers for you and your family!!! And for all families in the path of the fires!!!

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Willie B. good answered

My prayers are with you, I also have  immediate family living in Southern California.

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I will be sure to say a Prayer for all of you people and I pray God will surround you with all of his Healing. Sorry for all of your loss!!!

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