Ok so I’m a 13 year old girl, I’ve had discharge for a year now, I got breast buds a year ago (my breasts haven’t really grown since then), and I got pubic hair about 1 1/2- 2 years ago, so when do u think I’ll get my first period?


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You need to talk to your mother not a bunch of strangers on the internet about something so personal.

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You should make a account on  there is girls on there your age and that would be a place that you can ask your question on there and you can restrict your question to be asked just to girls only also you can ask your question anonymous but this site is no place to ask person questions too many pervs on here and too many pervs in hiding you got to protect yourself cause this site is not no longer safe for younger people but i would say it's more safer for adults only but best wishes if you choose to ask your questions on that site and join you need username,  be least age 13  and you can remain anonymous also you can't ask no more than 3 questions a day plus there is Moderators and Administrators on there whom can protect you.

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You have some nerve hiding behind anonymous, You obviously know nothing about this site, there are no pervs or pervs in hiding, this site is perfectly safe for young people as there are responsible adults here that look out for our younger members, maybe she needs to look out for spammers/ TROLL like you that are trying to shove your spam down her throat, you are an unwanted spammer to this site and you should be ashamed of yourself for spamming get lost TROLL!!!!
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Are you serious?
There are no pervs on here. We look out for children. It’s people like you that we have to watch out for. No away
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Speaking of pervs look at the name of his website, looks like he's the only creepy pervert around here.
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