How does one remain optimistic about love and relationships in the face of repeated failures?


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It all depends upon how much you need it. It's never easy to face and live through a failure in this part of life. Every time you fall in love, it feels the same way it did before and every time when it breaks, the pain is ever more intense.

Some people grow strong and matured after the fall while some break and need fixing. Always be true to yourself and true with your intentions. The most amazing feeling in the world is always so tempting that one can hardly stay without trying.

My advise to you would be not to make yourself believe that it will or will not work out the next time. Be natural and confident about what you are looking for. Know yourself inside out before you can even make an effort to have live in life. Patience always pays and stay practical and keep your feet on the ground and don't ever assume anything before it actually happens.

Most people get hurt because they over thought about the possibilities. Never get into the vicious thought process of "What would it be like" "How it would've been if we were together".

These kinda thoughts will always make you weak and uncertainties cling to these thoughts beyond what you can even see.

Hold your heart in your own hands and don't give it away just like that. Don't set any targets to a relationship and never expect too much irrespective of what you have been through.

Be blessed and I hope you find love!!

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You are living, breathing and going about your life without even thinking. What more optimistic can it get.

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not sure.

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