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Negotiations are very important in every area of ​​our lives. They help us achieve our goal - it is especially useful in the sphere of business, where we often have to negotiate the terms of the contract with other entrepreneurs. The art of negotiation is not easy - it requires a lot of knowledge and skills. If you do not know how to negotiate skillfully - this article is for you!

The aim of the negotiations is to find a solution to the problem that will satisfy all parties involved in it. Negotiations, however, should not be treated as a fight, believing that victory will guarantee sustainable success. This attitude means that in the future all negotiating parties will lose because the partners do not focus on solving the problem, but on combating each other. The main reason for ineffective negotiations is the wrong behavior and the lack of ability to adapt the negotiation strategy to the situation. Below you will find a few tips that will help you efficiently carry out the negotiation process.

Each concession should give satisfaction to the other person. Initially, you should not agree to them, after some time you can give way, telling your partner that we give way only because of his person. This will arouse the approval of our partner and make him easier to agree to certain concessions for the benefit of us. However, not every concession must be reciprocated. You can reciprocate your partner in a situation where the value of what he gave up for us is greater than the value of what we gave up for him.

No major concessions should be made, because people notice first and foremost the fact of concessions, and not its size - that's why concessions should be small. However, you must remember that too small a concession can irritate your partner.

Give way as the situation develops, remembering that even a small concession may result in a greater demand. If before making a request you can not resign, you should make a request that does not matter to us, and you know that it will raise your opponent's objection. After some time, when the interlocutor firmly states that he can not fulfill this demand, we give in to saying that we only do it because of him.

Remember to not only think about your goals. If the interlocutor sees that we are also concerned about his interests, he will be more kind to us and in the future will often want to do business with us.

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