Are you immature? I made a very scientifical quiz. I'll post it. Give yourself a point for each thing you've done OR you can relate to.

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I only got 2 points.

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Tiger Paws
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Joy Twain
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So, #9 was one of your points? ;) LOL !!!
Yin and Yang
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We are gonna need to find a sitter for our husband's though..... I wonder what Hippy's up to. He is good with kids uhhh I mean men! Yay men! Lololololo!!! πŸ˜…
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Okay okay okay...... You got me! But I have an excuse!!!! I swear! The crayons at a restaurant and the try me button on a toy those are due to the ages and stages of my children (or husband) and the big words thing... I just pretend I know what others are saying with THEIR big words.... (vitamins) lol!

The only one I can not cop to is number 10. 😭 Someone else always gets to call dibs first! I copped to being immature AND polite! 😒

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Joy Twain
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LOLOLOL!!! I just KNEW you'd get a 10!! Those extra credit points are really going to help your final grade.
Tiger Paws
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Oh Yin... a kid at heart
Yin and Yang
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Lol! I get to cheat though..... under the age of 17 I would have only gotten a few..... but after the age of 17 well..... the maps and crayons and buttons are good "helpers" for me! πŸ˜…
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7. Not as bad as I thought.

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I got 7.5. I am only taking half a point on number 9. I may be old enough to know better, but I am also old of enough not to care.

And as for number 5. I don't saw "Aww". I think, "Of course not. You are doing it a wrong!" Then think of a way to pull it off. :D

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I got a 7. Does that mean I'm immature?

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1 point - and that was six, because "try me" is an order.

I also like the squeaky toys in the dogs section of the store.

What am I even doing there? I don't have a dog??

Squeaking those pigs is what I'm doing...

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