Friends grew lazy after 2 years of college and don't want to do as much. I don't want to stay home all summer, so I guess I'd go places by myself. Do you go places by yourself and have a fun still? Any good stories?


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Sure I do. I go hiking. It's fun enough.

Good stories? Just...............................the bear went over the mountain, after I chased him, 'cause when I was picnicking, he stole my banana. Sorry............that's all.

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My husband is now retired from the army. We lived quite a few different places and I was often left alone. If I didn't do things by myself I would have missed a lot. One bit of advice though. Leave word with someone as to where you are going and when you will be back.  I fell hiking alone one time and twisted my knee. It was a serious injury. It was then I realized no one knew what trail I was on, or when I would be back. And there was no cell phone reception. It was a busy enough trail that I saw people I could have sent for help if I truly needed to, but I had a collapsible walking stick so I had something to support my weight to walk out, and the trail crossed a fire road so it was a fairly easy walk out from there. The injury was serious enough for me to spend three months in physical therapy.

I have also travelled a lot driving around by myself. Just be aware of your surroundings Get in the car a drive to visit friends who live elsewhere. Also if you're in college you can get a summer job working hospitality at military run recreational facilities. We stayed at a hotel in Germany and the wait staff was college students. If I remember correctly they worked three 12 hour days and had two days off. The guy waiting on us told us he would catch an overnight train after he got off his last long shift and wake up in Paris or Rome and have 2 days to explore before catching another late train back to work his next shift. He essentially got paid to see Europe.

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