I'm 16 years old, and I live in Minnesota, USA. I was part of the foster care system and would like to go back into the foster system, because no one is happy at my home. Is it possible for me to request to go back into the system?


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Normally, being unhappy at home is not a reason to be removed from your home and put into foster care. If you were in imminent danger or were being molested, those would be reasons for CPS to take a look at your situation and take appropriate action.

That being said, you are 16 years old. In two years - which may seem like a lifetime - you will be 18 years old and able to move out, get a job, get an apartment and start living your life. If you are not working, you should, unless there's a family rule that restricts you from working. Save all the money you can so you have some money to support yourself when you move out.

There are many things that you personally can do to improve your attitude while you are at home. You never know - it might improve your overall living conditions.

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