My parents constantly make me feel worthless, what do I do? Comparing me to my brother, him having a high paid job (im just 15).Or just saying stuff like "dont take so long to get dressed, nobody will look at you" or "youre no celebrity, nobody cares"


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Yin And Yang answered

Your parents are cruel and don't need to be saying stuff like that to you. Ignore the negative things they say and focus on the positive things YOU know are true. You have beautiful hair. You get good grades. You know what you want to be in life. Go for your goals. Don't pay attention to your brothers "success." You will have your own. Then when you have reached your goals, look back on this time as a stepping stone which stepped you up to where you deserve to be. Good luck to you! ☺

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carlos Striker answered

To start with your parents needs to grow up a bit. Comparing one sibling to other is one thing and provoking to achieve is another. On the flip side your parents wants you to be achiever and don't how to go about it.  Instead of nagging you which will only have counter effect, sit with you and reason it out. All this on the assumption that, you have done or doing anything wrong. Bear in mind, how you want your tomorrow? If you want it hassle free? You need to put something constructive today.

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