Our sweet boy died this morning at home. He lived a wonderful life as my daughter's confidant and comfort cat. Has there ever been an animal who was a comfort to you?


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I'm very sorry for your loss Dragonfly, losing a pet is as bad as losing a person.

My dog was a comfort to my wife in her final months on the Earth. He never left her side and was even allowed to visit her in the hospital a few times, in the wee hours of the morning. The joy on her face to see her "baby" was a cure for all of us around her.

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Sorry for your family's loss Dragon Fly.

I have had many pets that were part of our family that gave us great comfort and joy . . . I hold their memories in my mind, and think of them often.

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Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. My cat is my comfort. Come home from school and always happy to see him. Will you find a nother one?

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Sorry for your loss. I also have lost pets dying at home. Two of them.

There is some comfort when their passing comes at their own time and at home.  I think its far worst when they are brought into the vets for euthanasia.  That knowing must be really hard on pet owners.

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So very sorry!  Our pets are cherished family members. 

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All of my dogs have been so for me.

Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind
(John Donne--No Man is an Island.)

Perhaps the death of a pet does not diminish me, but it is certainly a real loss and that loss leaves a scar.

My dogs exemplified "good."  I choose to think that all good in whatever form somehow survives throughout eternity.

I think it is probable that "all dogs go to heaven."

I am indeed sorry for yours and your daughter's loss. 

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Sorry to hear your sad news, Dragonfly. Yes I had a rabbit when I was young that I loved dearly, he never pooped in the house, he followed me around the house and garden, I still dream about him.  After him a few years later I had a small dog,  he was great.  No matter how much of a crappy day I'd had he'd always be there wagging his bum with great enthusiasm as if I was the best thing since sliced bread.  Miss him dearly, miss them both so much, I resented that the world carried on as normal around me, people getting in their cars and going out to work, I felt like the world should of stopped and mourned for the great loss it had suffered.

Still, I would chose to have them in my life again for the tremendous joy and comfort they brought, for the price of the aching pain in my heart I'd feel when I lost them.

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dragonfly forty-six
Thank you. Your last paragraph is it in a nutshell, isn't it?
There is a poem called " Funeral Blues". The world stopping to mourn resonated deeply with me. I felt that way many a time.
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You scared the CRAP out of me Dragonfly! I thought you were talking about your son! I had to re read it twice my friend!

I do not allow myself to get attached to animals but my heart always breaks for the ones who are grieving the loss of their pet. I cried more then my daughter did when her pet rat died... I watched her read her children's Bible to "Sniffles" then said to me "if Sniffles dies I want to be sure she goes to Heaven."

How about that Bears game..... It was the pregnant hormones I tell you! Sniff sniff....... Yah that was the cause of all the tears...... Yah.

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