Ex keeps liking pics on insts/commented a kiss emoji recently. He has a gf dont get why he does it Been 3yrs since we were together i dont get it. I ignore it but he keeps doing it anyone know why or what to do about it?


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This happened to me and caused conflict in my relationship. Block him. He's trying to get a rise out of you to stir up your relationship and make it known that he's still around so your bf will be jealous

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Confront him about it.

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Kirsty Jade Dyer
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I dont like conflict or him to think yeah i got to her.
I just think its strange that he does that
Meow Meow
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That's a good point but if he doesn't stop and you want him to stop that might be your main choice. If you don't mind then I understand because conflict is annoying and so are stick up guys.
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it's been 3 years?

i'd say he's just fooling around and passing time.dont take much notice of it!

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