It has been 1 year and 7 Months and i still get nervous when i see my boyfriend and my heart explodes with joy. Why do i still become nervous and clumsy when i see him?


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Yin And Yang answered

I know exactly how you feel! This means you are still experiencing the "honeymoon" and "butterflies in the stomach" phase. This is a good thing and as the years become decades it is good to re-visit these phases as well. 😆

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Danae Hitch answered

I would count that as a good thing that you still feel joy whenever you see him. As to why you're nervous, I would only be guessing. If you guys aren't sexually active and maybe you're feeling pressure from him to go farther than you're ready for, maybe that's it. Otherwise, I don't know.

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You should date more guys lol

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Darik Majoren answered

Anxiety . . . It is that nervousness we experience when there is something we do not have control over and fret, just a tad, at the possible outcomes.

We get less and less of this the more we exposed to each other and have solid trust built over the relationships we have. Unless of course you have trust issues from bad experinces . . . That just might take more time.

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