how to be HAPPPY in your life ?


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Where to begin.... Stay positive, keep family and friends close to you and enjoy every experience!!

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Use blurtit.

(Edit : Well, I say that now, but with all the spammers on this site, it kinda ruins it all.)

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If you are a married man-Happy wife=Happy life!

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Anonymous......Will We Ever Enjoy Real Happiness?

"The meek ones themselves will possess the earth, and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in abundance of peace"

Psalms 37:11

Everyone wants to be happy.  But many problems threatens our personal and family happiness, including armed conflict.

What do you think?  Is life today the way it should be?

The current state of human society is in many ways contrary to our natural desire for a peaceful, secure, and happy life.

What do we need to be Happy?

Basically, the requirements for a happy life are a few and simple:

.Peace and Security

.Loving family and friends

.Good health

.Adequate food, clothing, and shelter

.Purpose in life

.Hope for the future

For  many people, some or all of these requirements are hard to meet.  The Scriptures provide realistic and practical guidance that can help us make the best of our circumstances, whatever they may be.  More important, the Scriptures provide a foundation for confidence that conditions on earth will be much better in the near future.  Indeed, future conditions on earth and human mankind will be as God intended them to be ........Happy.

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I just appreciate the little things in life. I always have, but even more so, with a couple of close calls. It is so great to be alive; never take it for granted. Just're alive. It's a beautiful world out there. (in many places, it really is) It isn't ALL a bad world.

Now, get outside, watch the bugs,  the birds...appreciate them and know that every living thing has a place and and a right to be in this world. Anything or anyone could die, at any second, expected or're's worth celebrating.

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