I was asked by an adult how was life goings with exams and they know I have family issues. I said ok but deep down I wanted to cry. What would someone like a teacher or lecturer say if they realised I regularly cried at night when I'm on my own??


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You are obviously crying out for help. I believe you are the newest "anonymous" who is posting questions about talking to your teacher and is it okay. What I am worried about is the time and attention a teacher could actually have for helping you get your feelings out. Maybe this teacher has a direction he/she could give you to seek the help you are searching for. You need to get it off your chest. I would recommend a councilor but I am sure you feel like you can not "burden" your mom with it. I am taking a class that reminds us not to "judge" ones trauma and blow it off as "nothing" because to the person it happened to IT HURTS! What you are experiencing affects your everyday life. You are "not the same." You really need to seek counseling. I can encourage you my friend, that it will get better. But you are entitled to your feelings. I just wish I could direct you to a specific person. :0(

As a mother myself, I would want my children to come to me and tell me they think they need help. I am wise enough to know I may not be the one they want to talk to. So I am always open to taking them to a councilor if they feel they need to talk. I also pay close attention to whom they tend to "seek" out and I pull the person aside and thank them because there is something about them my child feels comfortable talking about things to. That lets the person know I am well aware as a parent that number one, my child is seeking someone to talk to about something and number two, that they are the one I am seeing my child seek out. The person knows that if it is anything really concerning they can come to me. Life is tough ESPECIALLY for our teens.

I hope you take Jan up on her offer to just be an ear for you. You will see, we are a community of kind hearted people who are parents to a wide variety of age groups! LOL! And those who are not "biological" parents have adopted their neices and nephews and step children as their own. It warms my heart everyday being a part of this Blurtit community. We may not be "physically" there, but we all are "virtually" here for you. Take care. Hang in there! :0)

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Your questions indicate that it is unlikely that you are going to be able to get through your current situation on your own without a least one person that you can reach out to for support.

Take that leap of faith---you're so close to the ground already that even if it doesn't turn out exactly the way you want, you will be no worse off that you currently are.

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