To all you parents with adult children..... Did you just "know" or have a feeling the one your child chose to marry was gonna be the one they chose to marry?


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Four of my kids got married. Three were predictable. One was most certainly not.

This was an area where we kept our distance and let the kids work it out for themselves.

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My older brother came home with his girlfriend for the first time and after he left my mom looked at me and said he was going to marry her, and she wasn't happy about it. Sure enough they got married and divorced about 10 years later. It was not a good marriage.

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Out of my four kids, only one is married. I met most of the girls that he dated but there was this certain girl he dated on and off that I just knew he was going to marry, and he did about 11 years ago. She's the one that gave me the rabbit turd Christmas wreath, a perfect fit to our family.

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I did for two out of three of my kids. Unfortunately in my youngest son's case that marriage didn't last long. All I could do was give advice when he asked for it. He remarried and things are going good for them. Similar to my situation. In my stepdaughter's case, I still think they make the perfect couple. When she first brought her then boyfriend home from college,  he jumped right in and started helping me with a project I was doing. It was a genuine desire to help and learn, not just sucking up. He's a true gentleman, a good father and husband and treats her better than anyone could. I told my wife after that first time we met him that they were a lifetime couple.

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