Do you think that female bodybuilders can be bonified beauties?


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A fit body can be very attractive; an overly muscled body can be a turn-off. But in any case, full marks for a clever pun.

In the movie "Tough Guys" an elderly Kirk Douglas was bedded by a young and lovely gym instructor. As he lay in bed watching, she stripped to her bra and panties and struck a few muscle poses. As she flexed her biceps she said, "It's taken ten years to sculpt this body into this shape and tonight it all belongs to you." When the camera panned back to his face it bore an expression of sheer terror.

I know how he felt.

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Two words:  Rachel McLish

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Nicole Ashley answered

As a girl who goes to the gym everyday, I have never felt more confident with my body. I was told to slow down because muscles are for men, but I don't do it to get others opinions, I work out for myself and I'm extremely proud of how far I've come, even if I've only worked out for a few months haha

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I like to see ladies with  muscle definition. A well-sculpted body is a joy to view.  A true body-builder body is not so pleasing to the eye.

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Beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. What I believe men are attracted to in these women are the same thing they are attracted to in ANY woman...... CONFIDENCE. Body builders work hard for the results of their body. Chances are, they emanate confidence!

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It depends on the person's preferences, but as for me, every female is beautiful, and the most important is when she's comfortable with her body. I go to the gym myself, and I often see women that use bodybuilding supplements like the ones from this article, and I think it's their choice, and they look great.

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