Have any of you met each other in person before?


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Ancient Hippy answered

I haven't met any Blurters in person.

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I haven't been here long, but I have a long list of these crazy people I want to meet in person.

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Skip Gentry answered

No, I haven't met anyone.

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Anna Levi answered

No, I'm still quite new on here. I doubt I live close to many users on here anyway, I live in a small city in England which few people, even from the UK, seem to have heard of :)

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Jann Nikka
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I send this to you 😎 🐝 🐳 😁🤗 🙄 ☺ 😏 🎷 📚 🐢 🌷 🍀🍫 🍷 🌻 🌝 🌟 🎀 🎊 I will never come to England, I don't travel. I'm so happy you're are here. 👭
Anna Levi
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Thank you Jan! :)
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I always though we should have a "mob" meeting in major cities throughout the country. Example, we decide all those who can reach it  meet at the base of the Washington Monument in DC on a particular day at a set time. Everyone could just wear those stick on name tags with their Bluritit handle. We could pick public places that can handle a large group and set up the times and dates well in advance.

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I haven't.. But in my opinion my avatar photo shows my whole life story. Its almost as specific as a full driver's license with photo.

Maybe some day? You never know. I don't think its needed though. And it probably wouldn't be the most simple thing as we can all be from any location, considering this is the internet.

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